Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Translate Web Pages with Google Translate Web

If your English learners aren't using Google Translate Web already, please make sure you share this invaluable resource with them as we embark on remote learning. Unlike Google Translate that will translate chunks of text, Google Translate Web instantly translates an entire web page into any of 100+ languages.  This will be helpful to a newcomer, non-English speaking parents or anyone who prefers to read in a language other than English. Also, if you read international news, you can use the site to translate news from another language into English. While you can also adjust browser settings, this is an easy and simple way to instantly translate a website to a user's preferred language.

I created two short screencasts to illustrate how it's used. The first one in English and the second one in Spanish. Please feel free to share them, if helpful. 

Stay safe and well!