Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The State Of My Podcast

Have you ever had to step away from something you enjoy simply because your plate is so full?

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Last November, after just 10 episodes, I abruptly stopped recording podcast episodes. Not only was my plate full, I frankly needed more human connection. Like everyone else, I was spending too much time on my laptop and phone and needed to disconnect. But I also needed to disconnect from education. Not leave the profession, but rather create a boundary that I have never felt the need to put up. I'm an education nerd and could read or talk about education all day long. Almost every single podcast I subscribe to is related to education. I may leave the school building, but the school never leaves me. That was until last fall.  The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a social and emotional toll on everyone, but most especially educators. 

So I was settling into a new normal that included being more disconnected from technology and education, spending more time with my family, and getting rid of anything that's not essential to my health and well-being. And that included podcasting and blogging. I put both on pause. For the first time in many years, I was done with school when I left campus every day. And I have to admit it felt pretty good.

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However, I missed podcasting and I'm ready to give the Teaching Tidbits podcast another try. In my latest episode, "The State of My Podcast," I reflect on my podcasting experience thus far. What I learned about podcasting, what I learned about myself and where the podcast is headed. I invite you to take a listen and share your thoughts. 

If you would like to share any podcasting ideas or would like to be a guest, please reach out on Twitter @amgonza or leave a comment below. 

Until next time, take care and remember, it's the tidbits that make it all grand.