Thursday, October 31, 2019

30-Day #ThankfulTeacher Challenge

Tomorrow is the first day of November and I as I do every year, I will challenge myself to maintain an attitude of gratitude all month long - not just on Thanksgiving Day. Starting on November 1st, I will post on someone or something I am grateful for on my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts using the hashtag #30DaysofThanks. In past years, I have posted an occasional gratitude tweet related to education, but for the most part my gratitude posts are shared with family and friends, and are personal in nature.

This year, using the hashtag #ThankfulTeacher, I want to focus on all the ways I am blessed in my professional life and I challenge my fellow educators to do the same. I want to practice gratitude and post expressions of Thanksgiving all month long. Whether it's about major events or simple things, having an attitude of gratitude is about counting our blessings in spite of the challenges that come with being an educator and maintaining a love of teaching and learning.
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Won't you join me? Let's spread gratefulness during the month of November in the hopes that it will stay with us all year long.

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