Monday, October 26, 2020

Can We Be Too Positive?

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We are all trying to do our best to stay positive as we ride the Covid-19 storm. And while cultivating a positive mindset is a powerful coping mechanism, if we are not careful positivity can do more harm than good. After reading numerous tweets about "toxic positivity" I became intrigued and decided to read up on the topic. In doing so, I realized that in my efforts to alleviate struggles, I may have been offending or even hurting family, friends, and colleagues. First, I apologize to those I did, it most certainly was not intentional. But I also want to ensure that my attempts to encourage and support will help others (and myself too) move forward and grow during these difficult times.

So, what's the solution? How can we get rid of toxic positivity but still remain positive and hopeful?

In Episode 7 of the Teaching Tidbits Podcast, I was excited to be joined by my friend and fellow educator, Terry Pimienta, as we discussed ways to tackle our challenges with Nontoxic Positivity. She shares examples of how she's supporting her colleagues and instills a nontoxic positive mindset. I invite you to take a listen. I hope Terry will inspire you as much as she inspired me.

In our conversation, we referred to the infographic below featured in Toxic Positivity: The Dark Side of Positive Vibes, which is available for a free download. 

Source: The Psychology Group

We have lots to complain about and we do need to vent from time to time, but I hope you are able to keep from drowning in negativity. From the classroom to a PLC meeting to the teacher's lounge, let's make every effort to encourage and support one another, not by putting on a facade as if everything is peachy, but instead by validating the struggle and working together to find solutions one tidbit at a time, so we can come out ahead in the long run. 

Until next time, please remember it's the tidbits that make it all grand. Take care!

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