Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Power of Good Calls Home

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November is Family Engagement Month! In many states, including North Carolina, governors have signed a proclamation to recognize the importance of the family and school partnerships. Now more than ever, parents play a significant role in a child's education and this month is a great time to reach out and generate parental support and involvement - especially to families who for any number of reasons have not been involved in their child's education.

In episode 9 of the Teaching Tidbits Podcast, I was joined by Rik Rowe, a high school math educator from Massachusetts who coined the hashtag #GoodCallsHome on Twitter after making positive calls a part of his weekly routine. He shares what prompted him to start making the calls and the impact it has made on his students, their families and on him. I invite you to listen to this very inspiring conversation. Warning: this episode may be life changing.

There are many ways to generate parental engagement, but for parents who are generally disconnected, good calls home is a perfect start, and it can potentially transform relationships, classroom culture and academic trajectories. Good Calls Home is a little thing - a tidbit - that makes a huge difference. And if you have non-English speaking families, please check out "Communication Is Possible Despite Language Barriers" for tips and tools to help you connect even if you don't share a common language.

If you make positive calls regularly and have an inspiring story to tell or any tips to share, I'd love to hear from you. You may comment below or connect with me on Twitter (@amgonza).

Until next time, keep up the great work and remember, it's the tidbits that make it all grand.  Take care!

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